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Investing and Trading involves significant financial risk and is not suitable for everyone. No communication from Rick Saddler, Doug Campbell or this website should be considered as financial or trading advice. Rick Saddler, the founder of Hit & Run Candlesticks – Trading for Profit, is there to discuss charts and strategies in the trading room the majority of the day. DAS is the trading platform used by brokerages like interactive brokers as well as others.

best live trading room

In this post I will list what I think are the 5 best day trading chat rooms. Ross Cameron, a successful trader, and a teacher is the founder of Warrior Trading. Warrior Trading is a versatile platform that offers a lot for learning. You can learn Currency Risk about different trading strategies such as penny stocks, momentum, reversal, bull flag, swing trading, and so on. The platform’s Guides cover almost all aspects of trading such as day trading, options trading, technical analysis, and so on.

A Toolkit For Day Trading Success

If you are looking for the best trading chat rooms to select the best one for you, then there is no need to look elsewhere. Because our list of the ultimate 7 best chat rooms will help you find the best chat room for yourself. Looking to join the highest quality online network of stock investors? Click here to apply for a membership and join 5000+ global stock investors. For me, it is the finest benefit of this live trading room. Mark, thanks to your teaching and coaching, I just made in the last 3 weeks my entire annual salary as a “well paid” property manager once USD is converted to Canadian dollars.

A low-cost option from Udemy or the no-cost option available at TD Ameritrade is your best choice. With that foundation of knowledge, you can move up to The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course, available for $180. The course takes you further up the learning curve to better understand how the stock market works, how orders are placed, risk management, and an introduction to chart analysis. Investors Underground has the most complete offering by far, with a clear educational path at a fairly reasonable price, making it our choice as the best overall stock trading course.

best live trading room

Day Trading Forex Live is dedicated to teaching retail traders how to day trade forex successfully and learn to trade forex for a living. The fundamental belief at Day Trading Forex Live Venture fund is that tracking intra-day banking activity in the forex market is the key to success. It’s good to be active and get a piece of the market every day even if you are a swing trader.

Bad Ideas Spread Fast

The list is long and therefore new traders can find it hard to choose the right chat room within the platform. Hammerstone Markets gives trade ideas, market intelligence as well as news. Currently TradingView Pro will cost you $14.95 or $29.95 per month. However professional traders can view even more markets at a premium monthly price of $59.95.

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  • Instead, once the market opens, we’re in our trade rooms teaching you everything you need to know to make you a successful trader.

Full time stock trader, crypto enthusiast and fitness addict. Husband to a beautiful wife and father to a beautiful daughter. Of traders trading room believe our scans help them come to the market prepared. Of traders improved their trading after joining Investors Underground.

The best tool we offer is a day trading chatroom full of mentors with the will to help each member become a consistent profitable trader. Any of the six stock trading classes reviewed here are worthy of consideration by traders of all levels of experience—from neophytes to advanced. The reasons for choosing one over another are based on individual circumstances, budget, learning preferences, and the level of commitment one wants to make to the endeavor of learning to trade stocks online.


As a result, even at 3 am, you’re awake, you can head into our trading chat rooms and someone is probably going to be in there ready to help. As a result, we’ve developed a stock market trading service that espouses to be what we searched for when we started out. We strive to make everything about our service be a mentoring program designed to make you a great independent trader. Therefore, you’re not sitting in our trading chat rooms waiting for some “guru” to call out a trade to you. In this case, it’s what separates us and makes us different. We are not a stock pumping service and we aren’t looking for our members to pump up our brokerage accounts.

Trading courses, weekly trade recap videos, and webinars help you learn and keep your knowledge fresh. Investors Underground also provides stock market guidance and day trading resources. Two of Timothy Sykes subscriptions on provide daily chatroom access, watchlists, trade alerts and access to his mobile app. The services are Tim Alerts for $74.95 per month and Pennystocking Silver for $149.95 per month. The main differentiation between both subscriptions is that the Pennystocking Silver membership includes access to a library of 7,000+ videos and additional weekly video lessons. Home to over 1000 members, our day trading chat room is the best scanning tool you will ever use.

Tools That Help Us Be Successful Daily In Our Day Trading Chat Room

Essential ($249/month)– The second tier plan includes all advertised features. It includes the news feed, squawk box, news desk chat, and personal account management. Led byRoss Cameron, Warrior Trading is one of the largest day trading communities online. In addition to its chat room, it has free and paid courses, a day trading guide, and more. The real-time chat lets the community connect while you trade and learn.

Best Day Trading Chat Rooms For 2021

Investopedia offers its own stock trading class as part of the Investopedia Academy, but to maintain objectivity, we opted to exclude it from this roundup. If you are interested in this course, please visit the Investopedia Academy. As with all Udemy investing courses, Day Trading 101 is taught by an expert instructor. Luca Moschini is the founder of SharperTrades, LCC, an online trading education site.

Get trading experience risk-free with our trading simulator. A trading system or a strategy is highly individual and has its own personality. In the trading world, you cannot expect to see big results by blindly following someone else’s trades without understanding the basic logic behind such trades. Stay focused – watch out for tightening range and less liquidity towards week end! The EV sector was hot all week between Elon’s tweets and the IPO and more.

Each are an excellent educational resource that provide beginner material as well as day trading informational resources like a daily watch list of top stocks, accompanied by game plans and rationale. If you don’t know about Trade Ideas, you need to know that Trade Ideas’ extraordinarily fast and intuitive platform is powered by artificial intelligence. Trade Ideas is the best trading platform for day traders in particular. Day traders need real-time data and Trade Ideas is the best at giving access to real-time data. Moreover, if you want to screen stocks to find the best ones for investment, Trade Ideas offers the best stock screening filters.

Programs For All Levels Of Experience

While his courses can run extremely pricey, Cameron consistently uploads high-quality day trading content to his YouTube channel, Warrior Trading, which boasts a following of 670,000 people. Futures trading has many benefits and why we’re happy to offer this style of trading as part of our service. You can use candlesticks, patterns and technical analysis for futures just like you would stocks.

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