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About Hotel G9

Hotel G-9 is just 2 miles far from Kanpalet; 45-minute walk from Hotel G-9 is ‘Koelong’ waterfall – a distance of 20-minute drive from Hotel G-9. Hotel G-9 stands on the way of ‘Mt.Natma’. Mt. Natma is 13 miles from our Hotel G-9. The facilities such as heaters & air-conditioners, hair dryers, flat screen TVs, water boiling pots, etc. , are equipped in rooms. You can closely witness ‘Cloud Sea’ from the room. You can visit the old colonial guesthouse within 10-minute drive along the serpentine mountain road. The way from Bagan to Kanpatlet (Hotel G-9) may be a 3:50 hours drive _ 162 Km. The way from Yangon to Kanpatlet (Hotel G-9) is 739 Km _ a 11:23 hour drive.